Dr. H. Arnott (1886-1888)

Dr. H. Arnott

Dr. Henry Arnott was born in 1844 in Peel County. He taught school for six years to earn money for his medical education. Completing his M.D. in 1870 from the University of Toronto, Dr. Arnott accepted postgraduate work in New York before opening a practice in the village of St. John's, located north of London.

Dr. Arnott moved to London in 1880 where he became the first Chair of Clinical Medicine. Upon the death of Dr. Charles G. Moore, he served as Registrar and Dean. After two years as Dean, Dr. Arnott resigned to open a practice in California in hopes that the weather would improve his health but he returned shortly after and accepted the position of Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Western.

Dr. Arnott died in 1926.