Terms and Conditions

By submitting your contribution to COVID-19 in London, Ontario: capturing the local experience, you hereby:

A) Voluntarily give and bequeath to Western the submitted property;

B) Understand that Western shall have full discretion as to the use, reproduction, media conversion and migration, conservation and repair, display, publication, and retention and disposition of the submitted property;

C) Assign to Western all copyright to the property to which you have legal right;

D) Understand and agree that the submitted material may contain sensitive personal information, including personal health information, and that this information may be archived and shared;

E) Understand that property identified by Western as containing personal or other potentially sensitive information may be restricted at the discretion of Western;

F) Understand that by providing your contact information, you will only be contacted by Western about your submission to the COVID-19 in London, Ontario: capturing the local experience. Personal information is not shared with, or disclosed to, anyone outside of Western;

G) Confirm you are 18 years of age or older and have the full power and authority to consent to this agreement;

COVID-19 in London, Ontario: capturing the local experience has no obligation to use or publish your contribution.

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