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  • Community of Song: Latin Music in Sharing Identity and Promoting Cultural Humility

    In this video, Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter Gerry Rozo, through a retelling of his personal experiences, explores the role of music in cultural identity and community-building. He discusses his journey to Canada, the progression of his music career, his thoughts on cultural humility in Canadian society, and the ways in which he believes music can be a conduit for both the preservation of cultural identity and promotion of intercultural communication.
  • A Story of Circumstance: From Nicaragua to Canada

    This member of the London Hispanic Community moved to Canada as a refugee in 1985. She fled government violence and persecution in 1979, specifically after participating in student protests. She began her journey in Nicaragua, moving north through Central America to Mexico, before moving from Mexico to Canada. For this community member, the importance of family and work ethic have been the cornerstones of her values and motivations. She has been in Canada for 35 years as of 2019. Some of the things she misses most about Nicaragua is the slower pace of life, and the tendency for family to be very close-knit. She is very involved in the London community, especially in the Nicaraguan London community, and regularly participates in fundraisers and charity events to help children in Nicaragua, as well as the immigrant community in London.
  • An Identity of Work: The Importance of Work and Family in the Life of an Arabic Canadian Immigrant

    The story of an Arabic Canadians journey in immigrating, finding employment, and regaining his identity in his chosen line of work, This is a portrait which demonstrates the struggles new immigrants face, the highs and lows of moving countries and being in new cultural contexts, and how identity can be lost and found in the work that we do. Through the lens of this portrait can be seen the truth of what it is like to search out opportunity and work hard for a dream that many Canadian citizens share: to do what you love with those you love in a place where you feel secure and happy.
  • Creating Bridges: An Interview with Ziyad Ali

    Al Bilad newspaper is an Arabic-English newspaper distributed in London, Mississauga and Hamilton. It was started by two business partners: Laith Al Hamadani and Ziad Ali. In this video, I interview Ziad Ali, who is also the editor in chief of the English section of Al Bilad newspaper. Al Bilad relays news from the Middle East and also contains news from Canada. You can see how Al Bilad provides bridges to people who are and would like to know about the Middle East, so that they are still intact, while also keeping up with Canadian news. In this interview I ask Ziad Ali questions about why he decided to found Al Bilad and how he deals with bias concerning choice of topics. I also ask him about his role and duty as an imam/khateeb at al Hayyat mosque (shown on the video). He likes to teach and he believes he can provide bridges by relaying knowledge and news.