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  • Colombia comes to Canada: A Story of grandmother

    Stella Acero immigrated to Canada from Colombia in 2013. The video focuses on her adaptation to life in Canada. She discusses the various obstacles she has had to overcome in order to adapt to her new life and highlights how, as an older immigrant, it takes much longer and requires a lot more effort to learn a new language. She also talks about the reasons for her move, her ties to Colombia, and the differences between life in Canada and life in Colombia.
  • Aldo at the Marconi Club: A Portrait of Italian-Canadian Identity in London

    This portrait is based around Aldo, an Italian-Canadian member of the London community. Aldo visits the Marconi Club, an enduring and popular meeting place and events hall for Italians in London. We follow Aldo through different parts of the building, and learn a little about the club’s activities and how the Club has been important to Aldo in his life. Aldo then answers questions about his childhood, his Italian-Canadian identity, and his desire to maintain his Italian language proficiency.