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  • Ballet class via Zoom, Karate class via FaceBook Live

    1. Photo of my son in his 'virtual' ballet class with Miss Kim, at Dance Extreme, London ON 2. Photo of my son in his 'Face Book Live' karate class, at Family Karate, London ON
  • Maintaining Japanese identity: Life as a Canadian immigrant and Mother

    The video explores the life of Chigusa Peters who is a new Japanese immigrant to London, Ontario and also a mother of three daughters. During the interview, Chigusa first talks about her own identity and the difficulties she encountered in adapting to Canadian culture. She also discusses the differences between life in Canada and life in Japan. In the hopes of passing on Japanese traditions to her daughters, she takes them to karate classes every Monday and Wednesday, and to the Japanese language school every Saturday morning. The video ends with her talking about which aspects of Japanese culture she hopes her kids will be able to learn through these activities.