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Tornado Project


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  • Berlin: An Anchor Of Culture

    Beginning with Evelyn’s cultural connection with Canada and how that relates to her experiences in Berlin as a text overlay. We explore Evelyn’s first memories in the aftermath of World War 2. Afterward, we transition into life during the rebuilding of Berlin and her experiences transitioning between East and West Berlin before the Berlin Wall is built. Evelyn recounts her visits to East Germany after the wall has been built and the struggles faced with the new reality of strict border checks and a wall separating east and west. Finally, Evelyn reflects at the lasting effects the division has had on the German people and the entire country itself, as well as what her connection to Berlin means to her.
  • A Mixture of Cultures: A Story of Nationality

    The portrait project begins with a description of Hugo discussing his immigration from the Netherlands to Canada. The video then transitions to a discussion about the German Canadian Club while footage of the Club's 2018 Christmas Market is shown. The dialogue of the German Canadian Club discussion relates to the various types of things offered at the club, as well as the reasons as to why it was formed. Finally, the video concludes as Hugo discusses how the migration from the Netherlands to Canada has impacted his identity.